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between the caterpillar tracks at i realized then that there was no escape other than death. and if you wanted to independence in one thousand nine hundred one the small baltic republics then desperately trying to join european structures and leave it soviet past behind as fast as possible. if you any and businessman the you must will announce because lives in the village of group has one hundred twenty kilometers from vilnius he runs a lucrative business selling the mushrooms and berries that grow on his land but another source of income is also his hobby. if you walk around the whole park you'll cover two color matters the park contains one hundred thirteen different
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open air sculptures. in soviet times the sculptures held pride of place and if you end in cities and towns. after the fall of the soviet union they were taken down and fell into neglect. that prompted volume us to set up a park dedicated to let you ania's sunday of history. this open a museum welcomes visitors only around and there's no shortage of them into. foreigners and lithuanian tonight come here to get a glimpse into the country's relatively recent past. here people learn something about socialism and what we went through in those times . the iron curtain weighed down very heavily on the soviet union the outside world knew little about this. country. in one nine hundred ninety decided to split
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from the soviet union. in his parliament led by the tout as landsburg is declared the republic's independence thousands back to the decision rallies became a constant feature in central vilnius with demonstrators demanding that moscow recognize that u.n. is statehood. first the speaker said emotional words about freedom then the craze began singing literally as i'm thumb many people how to raise in their eyes they couldn't sing along because they were so overcome with emotion they saw that something was indeed changing they felt they could no speak up with fire to fear. moscow saw all the developments in this way here as a slap in the face tanks and special forces were sent to the latest i think. the kremlin felt that flexing its muscles would be enough to compel the goldston of
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the republican to backing down. this was when we knew we told him we had no right to rejoin the soviet union we have not been elected to do that. a massacre followed. the television center until his was assaulted on the night january fourteenth. the building seems within a short time is you a news independent television. i know most. of you know we have been attacked why. give me if i can see is shots turmel science. they have seized earth linnaeus radio center. as an anchor for a state run t.v.
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channel but live report was a moment of triumph for the young journalist but her moment of glory came with a price. i knew that they used access to break the dogs this patch has been left here as a reminder of those events. that night thousands of people resolved to stop the troops by acting as a human shield. in order for moscow said the troops were to fire blank shells. and get it was among the residents who protected the television center when the troops began firing and galileo was injured. yeah i think i managed to crawl away i thought that i had been able to get away from that town and have to roll my own and at that very moment my leg was caught between the caterpillar tracks and the sound came to holt. now the former bookkeeper has to use
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a wheelchair and receives a disability grant. freedom was worth that sacrifice i have no regrets and believe it's my destiny. fourteen residents of vilnius died sacrificing their lives for the few in his independence in one thousand nine hundred one. the new states government launched a vigorous campaign against the soviet legacy. bolton that equated soviet symbols to nazi ones. nowadays made ninth the date marked by soviet republics for the victory of a fascist germany is seen as just another ordinary day by mostly few aliens. did out there in lithuania made a name for it is no occasion for festivities yes some people here did fight for that but this way has nothing to do with it russian politicians sometimes say we
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liberated the lithuanian people from nazi germany by responses the following yes you did but then you didn't bother to leave afterwards one occupation had given way to another. the fall if you a new got its independence war veterans used to march through central vilnius on victory day but now they can only mark their holiday at a military cemetery. but are you near her government has creases about miss fear where war veterans are called occupiers. the current propaganda slant is that lithuania was a second time in one thousand nine hundred eighty four when soviet troops entered the country to drive the germans i. know that young people have been brainwashed into believing that war veterans are ok pyres if it trends don't feel like demonstrating in the streets you.
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may even once twenty ten. each of the fifteen veterans here fall for this. victory . despite each of them. they've decided to. just. infusing asked of musicians accompany them as they march through the streets. comes from. colorful believe. people with nationalistic slogans lining the streets on both sides. the war came to. the country in one thousand nine hundred ninety three. those veterans can mark their victory and commemorate fallen heroes at a cemetery. and people lay a lot of flowers up. but marching through the heart of the city promotes the wrong ideology that symbol. affected by the campaign against.
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to december thirty first one thousand nine hundred eighty three ten o eight pm that was when the first power generating unit was officially linked to the country's power grid. this footage is from the film marking the anniversary of the nuclear power plant. the station medical the electrical needs of misuse and to may bring soviet republics. the two nuclear reactors commission the plan the more powerful. than any of the reactors of the time it would seem that this technological marvel inherited from the soviet union might stand if you and you're in good stead after independence the country itself would have a plentiful supply of electricity and also be able to sell a surplus to others it's a pretty. good. supply still etherial we're
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cutting in those years because of an economic slump but this nuclear power plant provided of uninterrupted supplies of tricity to customers in lithuania bellerive. less uranium consumers at the lowest price cities we pretty much be able to deliver to any an economy during that period of transition in fact we paved the way for the country's further economic development. of. off to lift left the u.s.s.r. it's all to join the european union. if you a new was told that it could acquire e.u. membership on the condition that it shuts down the nuclear power plant. it even received funds to help dismantle the plant's equipment and build storage for nuclear waste. the first reactor was closed in two thousand and four the other in two thousand and nine if you any of them joined the e.u.
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. when. we were in the reactor room of the first unit nuclear fuel used to be stored underneath. that it was used to generate heat and electricity and that year . many of those who built the station and worked at it had to be trained in how to dismantle it. but if you put a turbine together with my own hands after it went into service my job was to maintain and repair it but in the past seven years i've been taking all that apart again with my own hands it's a pity creating something is much better if you ask me. newton were made redundant when the station was shut down but there was no other work for them to to go. they were nice people working at the plant i enjoyed
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working there we still keep in touch with them. too certificates a photo album and the film showing the jubilee celebrations and the only mementos from those years. the european union funded the station's closure some of the money was earmarked for severance pay. the allowance we were entitled to after the stations shot daryn was four hundred dollars when the so-called crisis set in the song was cut to three hundred and fifteen dollars that's what we get paid now. the decommissioning of the power plant instantly led to higher utility costs. used to sell electricity to other countries today it buys it from them energy bills grow with each passing month those who worked at the station of how to slash their family budgets. have you got the readings yes put them down fifty two
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three hundred forty seven writes how about the water hot water is ninety cold water is eighty four thats it. that's quite a lot so i have to say for we have to pay five times as much as we delete when we were fired back in december two thousand and nine that. the former employees of the big nina power plant will have to survive on their social welfare packages until they become pensioners unemployment is at over fifteen percent of if you a new officially twenty percent of its population lives in poverty according to your a staff this u.n. year is one of the five poorest countries in the european union.
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wealthy british style some. of the. market. has come to find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports.
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more news today. again fled up the phone these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are the day. if. brightened a few. songs from phones to christians. who threw stones on t.v. .
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a restitution. dependent collective farms were disbanded land was handed over to some of its former owners. and. received sixty hectares of land that used to belong to. an engineer his wife is an accountant they became farmers against their will. a severe economic slump began after lithuania declared independence unemployment had read its head for the first time in the post region.
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simply because we had no other source of. existed any time a sudden change in the weather might ruin at least some of the crops and reduced. to nothing. there's no scope for the farm to grow the reluctant farmers don't have the money to save for a rainy day. most small farms here face a similar bleak situation. such as. its policy in the early one nine hundred ninety s. was entirely wrong collective farms were raised to the ground but now the process has been reversed in favor of large scale production only large farms have real prospects. to find very
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hard times during the two thousand and eight economic crisis. j. and his wife were on the brink of bankruptcy their farm survived only because they had been working on it without hired help they had also managed without bank loans . the influence of international capital and our banking sector amounts to nearly ninety percent when the creases came right into our banks were primarily concerned about parents banks and stock copenhagen or always lou this is . it was of secondary importance to them they stopped issuing loans and started exporting capital to help parents in banks of course all vats has an effect on the situation here. is two and a half years old but much of her life has passed without her father he's been
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working in germany to make a living. meanwhile brother and eldest sister live in. well where is your daddy. you know daddy let's look for him. there is a picture of him oh here that's right well don i know. you know whenever she sees a man in the street the first thing she says is mom this is a man ad in daddy. she says that just in case the man responds. each friday off to work. it's an internet cafe in germany to speak to his family by making a video call. the questions we get at school are real mind blowers gain you gold with them yeah this five minutes of internet chat keeps the family in contact until
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so gay can be with them for real again and that could be six months away. this is typical for. which is joining the club of leading suppliers of manpower to western european countries. and now to something more to the point have you sent us the money. yesterday yes ok that will help all deals are in the rental already. in january two thousand and nine fountains of protesters crowded the main square provincial towns in lithuania as well as its capital since the start of the crisis the government has been raising taxes and cutting social benefits. found themselves on the verge of bankruptcy. people struggled for survival.
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for example my pension is two hundred and forty dollars in winter basic extra money for heating my flat. if i were to pay for it and fill. i have to pay forty dollars over and above my pension. when and so nasty about her eunice learned about government plans to tax pensions on top of other taxes he decided to join protesters despite his age and poor health. generally the sixteenth two thousand. this year treating took place in vilnius near the parliament building. seven thousand people gathered. police used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up the demonstrators. when one of the bullets hit enter nasa in the leg he was taken to an ambulance. to a we were at the village ruled out when the cuts my trousers open it was
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a rubber billets it's got stuck in a song i kept it as a souvenir of sorts. but. the police brutality in dealing with the demonstrators spurred the public into action. an unprecedented number of people joined the opposition within a short period of numerous protests rallies and demonstrations were held. on the people of the government bowed to pressure to make some concessions several unpopular measures were cancelled but the move deepened the budget deficit. you get more democracy will set in only after several generations those who once had any idea of democracy have become soviet people in spirit and so have all of our politicians. the founder and owner of the park featuring the history of soviet
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union says he's lucky that he's lived in a free country for the past twenty years but he notes the growing nostalgia for the soviet period. the loomis is pessimistic about his country's future and he's skeptical about the government's political decisions. i don't think the european union will last for even fifty years but it will break up in the same way as the soviet union did the two are very similar in that they have both been a complete mess. but. the loomis is playing with the idea of expanding his pocket. modern day exhibits may soon be added to the collection. the trouble is this nobody yet knows who won't want and will become a symbol of this un his new era. if
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you're followed up on my death snow in those. countries on a sort of a throwback and the market codified in law. it goes back to a time when people would lie down in their forces in the wild west and pick up these future dates and putting them into the sheriff for prosecution. much company may follow suit. when they go out there and he's come when. and you have to hope that nothing bad can. move.
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forward facing killers and you gotta keep that in mind others a two million dollar bill for his arrest. but not super hero they can be told to you know they shoot me in the head i'm going to die. and. once you've hunted never go back to hunt anything else.
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in india. the move to join the those who raise the violence the gateway to
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the ground imperial truly to tell you what. you can to listen to socialism good to see don't need to go publicly and run to the candle was so true as to retreat. killing not killing limbs u.s. security contractor blackwater in court prosecutors pursue a case of overcharging the government despite the now renamed military contractor being accused of atrocities against civilians in iraq and afghanistan. noways intelligence service denies claims by the suspect of two deadly terror attacks in the country last friday that he's part of a wider group but authorities in europe are on their guard after his anti immigration stance is echoed by extremist groups across the continent. and the u.k. ramps up pressure on libyan leader moammar gadhafi as london exparel says diplomats
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and invites the rebel council to replace the. six am in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r t our top story the infamous private security firm once known as blackwater is back in court this time though it's not over alleged killings in iraq and afghanistan but instead claims that it build washington too much for its services to former employees excuse it of claiming more than one hundred million dollars in bogus expenses the company now known as based in dubai provides more mercenaries for the u.s. than in afghanistan than anyone else and has been implicated in a number of scandals its contractors. were accused of gunning down seventeen unarmed civilians in baghdad in two thousand and seven for which no one has been punished the company is due an even bigger role in afghanistan with the us about to
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double its private services there to replace departing troops meanwhile the un wants tighter control over mercenaries to protect human rights but as a guy it is hard he's got a reports it's more convenient for the u.s. to use hired guns since their actions may slip under the radar. this iraqi men son nine year old allie khilnani was shot dead by private american war contractors four years ago this brings something ground between my feet and on the same day dozens of other innocent iraqis were shot by trigger happy us professional killers they shot like they were trying to everyone they could see no one at blackwater the firm for whom the hired guns work has been punished for the massacre two other private american security companies were contracted to carry out interrogations at the notorious abu ghraib prison in iraq a name synonymous now with her rethink human rights violations including torture rape and murder the u.s. supreme.


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